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Transformer (VOGT) for Mercedes-BENZ S Class W220 instrument cluster illumination repair


Mercedes Benz S Class W220 owner have many problems with this car instrument cluster. The problems include no lighting, partial lighting and /or flickering or intermittent lighting, or can¡¯t see the miles badly. Mainly to repair this dashboard you need replace defective lighting transformer to a new one


We have two types of them:

Type A: For BOSCH high voltage transformer 8 903 428 016 ,used in Mercedes S Class W220 care year 1998-2000 (dashboards with 93C66 EEPROM inside).

Type B: For BOSCH high voltage transformer 9 948 411 098, 9 948 411 025, 9 948 411 09 027. For Mercedes S Class W220 cars year 2000-2005 (dashboards with 24c04 EEPROM inside).


It isn¡¯t the original transformer, but better than the original transformer.


You need these tools for repair the instrument cluster.

The MOS-FET is here. Part number is BUZ102S.

Type B for W220 S Class cars year 2000-2005.

After finish it.

Type A for W220 S Class cars year 1998-2000.

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