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MT3500 Hand-Held Auto Engine Analyzer 

MT3500 Characteristics

Signal Input
Input Impedance 10M¦¸
Input Voltage -1000V +1000V
Digital Meter
Frequency(Hz) 0Hz 50KHz
Duty Cycle 0.1% 99.9%
Ig nition Test

0-3000RPM(Two Stroke)

/0-6000RPM(Four Stroke)
Channel 6
Connect With PC RS232 115200bps
Working Characteristics
Power Input 3.3V 5V
Power down Current 15mA 25mA


Advanced 32 digit main control CPU and 16 digit assistant processor.
¡¤LCD display, 16 grades,160X160, easy to show the details of the signal waveforms.
¡¤Large capacity memorizer, easy to upgrade and store hundreds of testing data and waveform data.
¡¤Designed with low consumed components, 3PCS of common batteries can deal with testing work for over 10 hrs without heating, energy saving.
¡¤High-speed interface, it is convenient for data management, software upgrade and data output.
Advanced circuit design, disturbing signals are reduced to the lowest level.
¡¤Platform with open high-function operation system, software installation and documents management are as easy as PC.


With the help of powerful functions, MT3500 Hand-held Auto Engine Analyzer supplies serial testing items, and meets serial testing demands; the following is the function explanation:
¡¤Dual-track oscilloscope can directly test the signal waveforms and data, AC and DC voltage, frequency, Pulse-Width and duty cycle.
There are six testing channels that can test the secondary ignition of the six cylinders at the same time.
¡¤The accuracy of Time Base Display is up to 125 uS/DIV.
¡¤Functions of digital meter.

¡¤Intelligent testing functions no need set up data by manual work, test components at a high speed.



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