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QCET - Zhuhai Qichuang Electronic Technology Co., LTD.

QCET. was founded in 2003.

Before 2003, we were the electronics development department of Zhuhai Twinway Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. In 2003, Twinway has been a over 10 years old stable company, so Twinway provides a rich resources including customers, tech supports and so on.

Advanced technology and management, has always been the soul of our development philosophy. While keeping up the pace of development of the Twinway group, and constantly improving the corporate governance mechanism, the company also continued to strengthen team building, and enrich our products, as armed with advanced technology to provide users excellent inexpensive products and quality service, allowing users to enjoy the convenience brought by technological advances in the rapid development of technology today, technology is productivity, we provide products to users, while allowing users to increase the productivity growth is our user development, which is the foundation of our development philosophy.



Address: B Room, 9F, No. 8, Yinhua Rd., Zhuhai, China

Tel: +86-0756-2162500 to 2162515 (16 lines)
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